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Episode Guide

Welcome to the Episode Guide where you can catch up on missed episodes or just use the guide as a recap.

***** WARNING: Episode discriptions usually contain spoilers. If you do not want to know details and plots of upcoming episodes do not read them.*********

original air date: Sept. 12
gs: Ash Christian (Justin) Tess Harper (Karen Carmichael) Dakin Matthews (Merle) John Aylward (Victor Sable) David Paymer (Adam Chasen)
Bobby picks out a present; Bobby's first day of high school gets off to a rough start; Jack takes Bobby under his wings at school; Grace meets the new college president.

EP 101: Better Days
original airdate: Sept. 19
gs: Keri Lynn Pratt (Missy Belknap)
Grace and Bobby help with a College Democrats rally; Courtney and Jack continue to explore their relationship; One of Grace's co-workers gets fired, and Grace goes to bat for her without all the facts in hand; In the future, Presidential candidate McCallister must over come obstacles early in the campaign.

Official WB Synopsis
Jack explodes after catching Grace smoking pot again and gives her an ultimatum. However, after a particularly trying day, Grace seeks refuge in her old habit and is unprepared for the price she must pay for the one joint. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to help make things better for Jack, both with Courtney and in school, but only succeeds in making things worse. Also, it is revealed how President McCallister became affiliated with a surprising political party.
NOTE: The shows title refers to the Bruce Springsteen song "Better Days."

EP 102: The Kindness of Strangers
original airdate: Sept 26, 04
gs: David Paymer (Adam Chasen) Dakin Matthews (Merle) Keri Lynn Pratt (Missy Belknap) Paul Sorvino (President Lorio)

Grace goes out of town to a faculty retreat; Jack plans a party at the house while Grace is away; Bobby's new friends get him into trouble. Lastly, Grace is conflicted on what to do when she finds out her student TA plagarized one of her papers in class.In the future, Presidential candidate McCallister gets help in a debate from an unlikely source.

EP 103: A Man of Faith
original airdate:
gs: Keri Lynn Pratt (Missy Belknap)
Jack is reinstated to the track after Marcus has to quit due to his grades; While helping a friend prepare for his Bar Mitzvah, Bobby becomes intrigued with religion; Grace stirs up controversy after a lecture on religion. In the future, pre-President McCallister struggles with his faith.

EP 104: The First Lady
original air date: unknown
gs: Keri Lynn Pratt (Missy Belknap) Dean Collins (Warren)
Grace takes a homeless man into the house; Bobby has problems with another school bully; At a party celebrating a new sports complex, Jack sees another side of Courtney; In the future, we learn of a potential problem of the soon-to-be First Lady.

EP 105: An Innocent Men
original air date: unknown
gs: Keri Lynn Pratt (Missy Belknap) Dean Collins (Warren)
Bobby is failing his math class; Missy invites Courtney to her house for a girls only night; A college professor, and friend of Grace's, is accused of sexual harassment; In the future, President McCallister is accused of sexual harassment.

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