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E-zines, like print magazines, frequently include interviews. Here's an example of one of the question-and-answer formats I might use for interviews.


Christine Lahti (Grace McCallister)
Past Gigs: playing Dr. Kate for four years starting in 1999 on Chicago Hope
Coming Up: a tv movie called Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman thats due out later this year


Matthew Long (Jack)
Past Gigs: none, he's a total new comer
Coming Up: besides the show, he dosen't have anything else scheduled.


Logan Lerman (Bobby)
Past Gigs: he played a young Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect, a young Mel Gibson in What Women Want, and Gibson's son in The Patriot
Coming Up: nothing besides the show


Edwin Hodge (Marcus French)
Past Gigs: a recurring role on Boston Public playing Jamaal, Joe in The Alamo
Coming Up: Debating Robert Lee, out later this year, that co-stars Kaley Cucco


Jessica Pare (Courtney Benedict)
Past Gigs: playing Josh Hartnett's ex girlfriend in Wicker Park
Coming Up: playing Samantha in an upcoming release due out later this year called See This Movie


John Slattery (Peter Benedict)
Past Gigs: a love interest for Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile, and Bert Miller in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
Coming Up: nothing known

Ash Christian
Dakin Mathews
David Paymer
John Aylward
Tess Harper
Kery Lynn Pratt

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